Thursday, May 2, 2013

All-Playoffs Team 2013

Let's see...

East: D-Will, D-Wade, Carmelo, James, Boozer?

West: Parker, Curry, Durant, Duncan, Mark Gasol?

I dunno.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Keeping up with the Fantasy Theme

Happy Playoffs by the way.

What if I left Paul off the 5 man lineup? I'll go with Harden, Bryant, Durant, Anthony, and James. OK, now let's get rid of Bryant because he's hurt. Could just replace Bryant with Wade. The thing is, I love me some grindy half court. How about Paul, Curry, James, Duncan, and M. Gasol. There's not 4 shooters, but huge size and inside game.

Playoff Predictions and Such:

New York, Chicago, Indiana, Miami
Indiana, Miami

OKC, Memphis, Denver, San Antonio
San Antonio, OKC


I know the series are in swing, but this is what I thought before they started. I'm hoping Memphis can pull it out, but it's not looking good.

More Position Designation:

What about Guards, Swings, and Bigs?

Who are top 5?

Guards: Paul, Parker, Harden, Westbrook, Wade
Swings: Anthony, Durant, James, George, Gay
Bigs: M. Gasol, Howard, Duncan, Horford, Garnett

Can you make some all NBA teams out of those?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Best fantasy 5 on 5 match up right now?

I think I'd go with Paul versus Parker, Wade versus Westbrook, Bryant versus Durant, James versus Anthony, and M. Gasol versus Duncan. Or maybe skip Gasol and have James versus Duncan at the 5, and work Harden in there somewhere. Paul, Bryant, Durant, Anthony, and James would be short, but a super team. Versus Parker, Westbrook, Wade, Harden, Duncan? Gotta mix it up a little. Ideas?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Maybe there are 4 positions in the Association:

QB, Guard, Forward, Goalie

Take the Heat; LeBron can be a big QB, and Haslem, Howard, or Anthony (and Bosh kinda)can be banger/goalie types. After that positions on the Heat are irrelevant. Any combo of Wade, Miller, Allen, Bosh, Battier, Lewis, Chalmers, Cole can work. Some of those guys are either guards or forwards, but many of them can be either. And if one of the others becomes a QB, LeBron can play any of the other spots.

I understand the argument that positions are becoming irrelevant, but 5'10" speedy guys can't do what 6'10" 275 lb. guys can do and vice versa. And a team needs diversity of skill sets to match up on defense against size and speed, and also need to bring different looks on offense.

I used to break it down to three positions (probably on a lost blog somewhere); Points, Wings, and Bigs. My "research" tells me that the newest position is the point guard, and that back in the day they were just "guards." I think that's why for things like the all-nba team, and the all-star team, there are two guards, two forwards and a center. Although the all-star voting got rid of the center spot this year, and went to two back court players, and three front court players.

The other wrinkle is that two of the best "point" guards are Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook. They are bigger, and look to score more that what we think of as PGs. Those two create match up problems against most point guards, mostly because they are so good, but also because other trad PGs aren't big enough or accustomed to guarding a go-to 1st (or 1Ast) option scorer.

The very successful Jackson Triangle offense utilized a ball-dominant 2 man, and a capable 3 man (like a point forward) along with a trad PG, but the PG would usually camp behind the 3 point line or in the corner for three point shooting, and was usually a 4th or 5th scoring option. I wonder why Jackson didn't go all the way and play two bigger 2 men from time to time. I guess the Ron Harper Bulls did some of that, but I don't remember it so much on the Lakers, and I remember seeing a lot of Kerr, Paxon, and Armstrong on the Bulls.

With LeBron running as QB from the 4 spot, and quick bigs making the beef cakes obsolete maybe it is time to let go of  positions and replace them with verbs and adverbs that can apply to multiple guys at the same time, such as post-scorer, rebounder, ball-handeler, and post-defender. I think it would help a lot of teams to not depend on a PG, and spread some facilitating and leadership around. And a big goalie enforcer type may be useful in limited situations, but not for long stretches of being useless on the break and too slow in the pick and roll. The same could go for the little speedy guys; good for matching up against a slow team for a change of pace, but probably not all game to get posted on and shot over.

How about this for a team? Harden, Bryant, Durant, Anthony, James. Chris Paul probably should be in there, and you'd probably want someone who is bigger to defend in the post, but I'm just sayin...   

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Well, the name of this blog doesn't make sense anymore, does it? Who cares! I don't!

Hornets best lineup: Vasquez, Gordon, Aminu, Anderson, Davis
Backups: Rivers, Mason, Thomas, Smith, Lopez
Going big: Vasquez, Anderson, Smith, Davis, Lopez
Small ball: Rivers, Rogers, Gordon, Aminu, Anderson

Hornicans 4 Life! I'm in for good!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Down with Divas! Long Live Gordon!

Ok, so my last post about Gordon and the Suns and all wasn't exactly on point. I'm almost always wrong about predictions in basketball anyway. As the roster stands now, the big rotation is Smith, Lopez, and Anderson, with Davis hopefully playing some three while he's young, with the ability to play in the crowded four spot, and even some five in small lineups, and Warrick as the clear fifth big, but a quality end of the bench guy. Then again, Warrick could play some at the three. Lance Thomas is around as well. The threes are hopefully Davis, with Olympian Aminu, and sometimes Anderson on offense. Thomas? Xavier Henry? Thin right? The two spot is all Eric "Diva Cup" Gordon, who I think Hornets fans should reach out to, but needs to prove he's durable/worth all that money. Rookie Rivers is supposedly converting to a one, but he could get minutes at the two, and Roger Mason will end up seeing a lot of time at the two, and probably a little one, for "veteran presence." Xavier Henryis most suited to be a two also, but he better hope he can play some three. Vasquez is the pointguard, and I hope his teammates can follow his lead, because he's solid, affordable, and maybe should be the long term guy to QB. Good teams tend to have a starter quality combo guard coming off the bench, and it would be cool if Rivers was that guy. Diva Cup should also be able to facilitate a little for all that scratch.

So if small ball is viable, the crunch time lineup could be Vasquez, Gordon, Aminu, Anderson, Davis, and if they're going big, it could be Vasquez, Gordon, Davis, Anderson, Lopez. Maybe Rivers will eventually take Vasquez' spot in either of these. The big question whether Davis, Anderson, and Lopez can play together at the same time. Maybe Davis will play mostly at the five, and Lopez will be a backup. If that's the case, the depth chart looks like: 1. Vasquez, Rivers 2. Gordon, Mason 3. Aminu, Thomas? Henry? Warrick? 4. Anderson, Smith 5. Davis, Lopez

Monday, July 9, 2012

Top Players as of July 2012

Top 10 Ones
1. Paul
2. Rose
3. D. Williams
4. Westbrook
5. Parker
6. Rondo
7. Nash
8. Lowry
9. Irving
10. Miller

Top 10 Twos:
1. Wade
2. Bryant
3. Harden
4. Allen
5. Gordon
6. Johnson
7. Crawford
8. Terry
9. Ellis
10. Martin

Top 10 Threes:
1. James
2. Durant
3. Anthony
4. Pierce
5. Deng
6. Iguodala
7. Gay
8. Granger
9. Batum
10. Marion

Top 10 Fours:

1. Love
2. Nowitski
3. Millsap
4. Randolph
5. P. Gasol
6. Aldredge
7. Bosh
8. Griffin
9. Ibaka
10. Amare

Top 10 Fives:
1. Howard
2. Bynum
3. Duncan
4. Garnett
5. Hibbert
6. M. Gasol
7. A. Jefferson
8. Nene'
9. Noah
10. Chandler